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        CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Company Limited ("COMEC"), previously known as Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited (GSI), is a core enterprise under CSSC. COMEC went public on Shanghai and Hongkong Stock Exchanges in 1993, and became the first "A+H" listed shipbuilding corporation nationwide.

        In order to achieve the strategic capacity in the marine and offshore market, and to improve the company’s competiveness, COMEC pushed an industry consolidation, acquired CSSC Guangzhou Longxue Shipbuilding Company Limited in 2014 and CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company Limited (Huangpu Wenchong ) in 2015, merged the core military assets into the company. Upon a series of acquisitions, COMEC successfully integrated the high-quality shipbuilding resources of CSSC in South China and becomes a large-scale comprehensive corporation specialized in offshore & marine engineering, including marine defense equipments, marine transport equipments and ocean research and development equipments.

        Currently, COMEC as a holding company engaged in capital operation under CSSC, COMEC has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely GSI, Huangpu Wenchong and Guangzhou Shipyard International (Yangzhou) Company Limited.

        Today, COMEC has built the grand vision: To be a world-class leading enterprise in offshore & marine engineering and heavy machinery market with advanced technology and excellent services, and to be the key naval equipment supporter and maintaining base for the China Navy in South China.

        COMEC, a dominated comprehensive offshore & marine engineering corporation from South China, with the mission to contribute to the Country and society, is venturing to the magnificent upsurge ocean. 

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